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No matter where you are along life's journey or which financial stage you’ve entered, Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group is here for you. We will help you create a lasting legacy, protect those you love, or navigate your role as a beneficiary or trustee. From young planners to older adults, individuals to families, we'll guide you with empathy and clarity.

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Young Individuals

You’re never too young to start thinking about estate planning. Even in your 20s, setting up an estate plan that names a power of attorney and beneficiaries is crucial. At this age, it’s not so much about your assets or your wealth, it’s about ensuring your loved ones aren’t burdened with a messy or expensive situation should something happen to you.

After you turn 18, your parents are no longer legally allowed to make decisions for you. Likewise, if you have a long-term partner but aren’t married, they too are not legally able to act on your behalf. Establishing medical directives, ensuring even small savings accounts or 401k plans go to those you love, as well as strategizing for the debt you carry, are all important issues you wouldn’t want to surprise your family with during an emotional time.

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Young Families

While it’s difficult to think about something happening to you when you’re young and healthy, if children are involved it’s more important than ever to plan for the “what ifs.”

If both you and your spouse were to become incapacitated or die suddenly, what does the future look for your children? Who will take care of them, who will make financial or medical decisions on their behalf, how will their inheritances be managed? If these questions are unanswered the decisions will end up in the hands of the court. Not something you want to gamble with when it comes to your children.

You’ll also want to consider who makes healthcare decisions for you and your spouse should you both become unable to do so. Establishing your wishes regarding pain care, organ donation, and resuscitation will take the burden off of your loved ones while also fulfilling the life you desire.

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Seniors, Retirees, Older Adults, Golden Agers. No matter which name you prefer, knowing that your loved ones will be protected and your final wishes carried out will bring you great peace of mind.

While no one wants to talk about their death, a robust estate plan gives you the ability to leave a legacy and provide for your loved ones in the way you so choose. Leaving no questions to be decided by the courts or family members who weren’t expecting to do so. And the more planning you do now, the less stress your loved ones will face when the time comes and they’re grieving. Think of it as a final gift to them.

Moving your assets to a trust, drafting a will, naming your beneficiaries, establishing powers of attorney, and setting up your healthcare directives are just some of the items you’ll want to consider.

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Special Needs Loved Ones

We know planning for the future with a special needs loved one can be challenging and emotional. Whether their need is physical, mental, or psychological, predicting what type of care they’ll need or what kind of assistance they’ll qualify for later in life can feel overwhelming. Having a trusted attorney on your side to discuss your child’s current situation as well as their future prognosis is the first step towards ensuring they are provided a meaningful, happy life no matter what the future holds.

While your special needs loved one may already receive government assistance through their Supplemental Security Income (SSI), creating a special needs trust (also known as a Supplemental Needs Trust) is about securing their quality of life. Their SSI benefits will account for their basic living and medical needs, while the special needs trust will provide them with the ability to pursue hobbies, recreation, and all the things that make them happy.

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Charitable Donors

Structuring your trust with a charitable organization as a beneficiary will ensure you’re able to support the causes you care about during your lifetime and beyond. Your charitable giving can take the form of cash, stocks, and even personal assets. Establishing your directives through a charitable lead trust, charitable remainder trust, or a private foundation are all ways to keep your legacy alive.

A charitable lead trust donates a set amount to the charitable organization first and the remaining amount goes to the beneficiaries or stays in the trust. A charitable remainder trust is the opposite, where income from a trust goes to the beneficiaries first, and the remainder to the charitable organization. A private foundation is also a wonderful way to further the causes you care about. This approach will allow you more control but will also require a substantial amount of time and costs to carry out.

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Trustees & Beneficiaries

When a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes away it is imperative to understand your role as a trustee or beneficiary. As a trustee your administrative duties may involve notifying the power of attorney for healthcare, notifying beneficiaries and distributing their assets, making funeral arrangements, filing taxes on behalf of the trust, paying off debts, and liquidating assets. All processes that will require careful legal proceedings and the help of a trusted legal team.

If you were named a beneficiary in a trust, it’s important to know your rights regarding your loved one’s assets and information surrounding their trust. It is also necessary to understand any specifications that come along with your inheritance. Your loved one may have left instructions for how the assets should be managed, taxes may need to be paid on the inheritance, or you may need to remedy an outstanding debt left by the benefactor.

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