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Celebrating 30 years of compassionate service

Founded in 1990, Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group has focused on providing the highest quality estate planning services in a client-focused manner since our beginning. And we still abide by those principles today. As experienced, detail-oriented attorneys, we work closely with our clients to create customized estate plans that meet their unique, individualized needs.

Through our compassionate approach, we guide our clients and their families through the estate planning process in a non-judgmental atmosphere, exercising support and sensitivity at all times. Our goal is for clients to leave our office feeling relieved, relaxed, and confident that their affairs are in solid, friendly hands.

We represent Trustees, Executors, and Independent Administrators with all aspects of the Trust and/or Estate Administration. After a loved one passes away, we can assist you with transferring their assets to the beneficiaries and taking care of the technical tax and legal details. We promptly answer all questions and return all phone calls to make the uncertainty of dealing with financial transactions after the loss of a loved one as easy as possible.


  • Estate Planning

    The purpose of Estate Planning is to provide financially for yourself and your loved ones during your lifetime and beyond. Upon your death an Estate Plan works to distribute your assets to your beneficiaries with minimal delays, costs or taxes, as well as to maximize privacy. Your plan will provide instructions to distribute your Estate to whom you want, how you want, and when you want. After reviewing our client’s financial and family details our attorneys will design custom plans based on their unique set of needs. Plans may include a Revocable Living Trust, Wills, Powers of Attorney for Property and Health Care, Living Wills, IRA Inheritance Trust, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Series LLC.

  • Asset Protection

    It is sometime necessary to protect your child’s inheritance from unexpected life occurrences such as divorce, lawsuits, and bankruptcy, or even from themselves if you feel they do not manage their money well, or if they suffer from addiction or mental illness. Through a PERSONAL ASSET TRUST℠(PAT) you can establish a set of standards that are adhered to upon your death. PATs are drafted to be flexible and to adapt to a beneficiary’s changing life stages or personal situations. They can even adapt to changes in state or federal law

  • Trust Administration

    After a loved one has passed away, the Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group will assist the Trustee or Executor in both understanding and administering the deceased person’s assets. We guide Trustees and Executors through the Estate Administration process with clear and concise instructions so they understand their legal obligations and can avoid making costly mistakes. We can also assist beneficiaries in understanding their interests and rights.

  • Trust Real Estate Services

    Managing the sale or purchase of property from your Trust is made much smoother when your attorneys are already familiar with your Estate. With an outside attorney time and money is lost in the process of getting them up to speed. At Kiselstein Franckowiak, we aim to make the process smooth and seamless. Having already helped our clients create their personalized Trusts the process moves quickly and we are able to take many of the bumps out of the road.

  • Tax Preparation for Trusts and Estates

    Our experienced attorneys will help you prepare federal and state income tax returns for a late spouse’s Trust, or for your children’s Personal Asset Trusts (PATs). This type of tax return is called a 1041. The process of preparing these tax returns is made smoother when the attorneys who prepared your late spouse’s Trust or beneficiaries' PATs, are also preparing the tax return. The numerous calls and emails that commonly occur between the CPA and trust attorneys disappear and preparing the return is a much easier process.


Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group

Bruce Kiselstein | Partner

Founder and partner of Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group, Bruce focuses his practice on living trusts, estate taxation, asset protection, probate, irrevocable trusts, and trust administration. A graduate of John Marshall Law School and the University of Connecticut, Bruce has over 30 years of drafting sophisticated, custom estate plans focused on tax reduction strategies. Bruce truly enjoys educating clients as he guides them through the estate planning process. He has conducted hundreds of seminars for corporations, private organizations, non-profits, and the public. Bruce received the AVVO Client Choice Award in 2017. He is an active member and past president of the Northwest Suburban Estate Planning Council, and serves on the Gift Planning Advisory Council for the Northwest Community Hospital Foundation.

Lenore D. Franckowiak | Partner

Joining the firm in 2011, and becoming partner in 2015, Lenore has been instrumental in shaping the Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group into the caring, knowledgeable firm it is today. Focusing her practice on estate planning and trust administration, Lenore goes above and beyond to expertly guide each client through their unique, personal journey in a clear and uncomplicated manner. Lenore has conducted numerous estate planning seminars for both individuals and professional associations, as well as educational classes for parents’ groups that specifically focus on estate planning for minor children. She is an active member of the Northwest Suburban Estate Planning Council and the Northwest Suburban Bar Association, as well as serves on the Gift Planning Advisory Council for the Northwest Community Hospital Foundation. Lenore holds an undergraduate degree from Depaul University, and her J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

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