kiselstein-franckowiak-partnersWelcome to Kiselstein Franckowiak Law Group. Our firm is focused on providing the highest quality estate planning legal services in a user friendly and efficient manner. We are experienced, detail oriented, estate planning attorneys who enjoy working with individuals and families to create comprehensive customized estate plans to meet each client’s specific needs.

With over 40 years of collective estate planning experience, we are uniquely suited to extract the relevant information regarding client’s family and financial circumstances to create a sound legal plan in a friendly, comfortable setting that is non judgmental or intimidating.  Our goal is for our estate planning clients to leave our office feeling relieved, relaxed, and confident that their affairs are in the competent hands of experienced professionals who are friendly and easy to work with.

We also dedicate part of our practice to guiding clients through the trust and/or estate administration process with compassion and sensitivity.  After a loved one passes away, we can assist you with transferring their assets to the beneficiaries and taking care of the technical tax and legal details.  We represent Trustees, Executors, or Independent Administrators with all aspects of the trust and/or estate administration.  We promptly answer all questions and return all phone calls to make the uncertainty of dealing with financial transactions after the loss of a loved one, as easy as possible during what can often be a very challenging time.